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Pet Boarding Prices and Rates in Bothell, WA

View our competitive pet boarding prices and rates from Delanda Dog Inn - North End Kennels.
Dog Size
Small to 20lbs.
Medium to 75 lbs.
Large over 75 lbs.
Daily Rate
$30/day* - Small
$31/day* - Medium
$32/day* - Large
Monthly Rate
$750/month ($25/day) - Small
$780/month ($26/day) - Medium
$810/month ($27/day) - Large
One Cat
Second Cat (same pen)
Daily Rate
$20/day* -One Cat
$18/day* -2nd Cat
Monthly Rate
$540/month ($18/day)
$480/month ($15/day)

Other Services Include

Group of Dogs - Pet Boarding in Bothell, WA
  • Own food - $1/day
  • Medication** - $1/dose
  • Playtime off leash - $7/20 minutes
    • Effective March 1st - $10/20 minutes
  • Walk on leash - $7/20 minutes
    • Effective March 1st - $10/20 minutes
  • Extra goodies available upon request
  • Playtime off Leash – $10.00
  • Medication**Dose – $1.00
  • Dog Walking on Leash – $10.00
Embrace the reasonable rates that our pet care company provides for you.
**We are not equipped to give medication to cats or give injections to dogs
*Rates increase by $5 a day 3 days before and after
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
Contact us in Bothell, Washington, to request more information about our pet care services.