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Pet Boarding Services in Bothell, WA

Allow your dog or cat to receive the best boarding services and pet playtime with DeLanda Dog Inn in Bothell, Washington. Experience the best pet care imaginable with our boarding center.
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Each dog receives an individual indoor to outdoor run. The option is available for you to pay extra for us to give more time and attention to your dog. We also provide season-appropriate heating and cooling for your animal's ultimate comfort, as well as personalized live music performances to make your pooch feel more at home. We can also administer medicines to your dogs for a minimal fee.
Additionally, we have a cat facility that is separated so they are able to live comfortably while you're away.

Personal Playtime $7.00

*Effective March 1, 2018 price will change to $10
We offer 20 minutes of one-on-one interaction within a fenced yard, where they are able to play with a ball, Frisbee®, or do other activities that dogs enjoy. We do not allow rawhide or bones, but you can bring your own toys as well.

Our walking services are structured and always within a fenced perimeter. Individual playtime and walking times are an additional cost based on how much time you want for us to have with your animals.

Contact us to request more information about our boarding services and prices.